The VLG Edge

The Vocke Law Group is committed to developing and maintaining long-term relationships with our clients. To do this, we must earn your trust and confidence, including the engagement of work on your behalf based on terms you believe are fair, reasonable, and consistent with your objectives in hiring us. We understand that in some situations, you may have objectives that are not in alignment with the standard hourly fee arrangement that most firms are hidebound to maintain.

On this point, most of our partners have also served in executive leadership positions in-house, with responsibility for retaining and managing outside counsel. As outside counsel with an insider's perspective, we understand and appreciate that there are many options for structuring alternatives to the standard hourly fee arrangement.

If an alternative fee arrangement may be of interest, we are prepared to discuss with you a variety of options in which we share some of the risk of our compensation with you. These kinds of alternative fee arrangements can take many different forms, including modified hourly-based fee agreements, contingency fees, reverse contingency fees, success-based fees, or other hybrids in which we agree to be paid a specified portion of our hourly rates with the remainder in another form which may be contingent on our success in handling the matter.

In most instances, alternative fee arrangements are negotiated on a case-by-case basis based on the facts and circumstances of each matter, including complexity, the amount in dispute, an assessment of the likelihood of success, and other factors. We are prepared to discuss and evaluate any reasonable risk-sharing fee structure that fairly balances the risks and rewards, and provides appropriate incentives for efficient case management and successful resolution.

If you are interested in exploring an alternative fee arrangement, we welcome the opportunity to discuss this with you.