The VLG Edge

At VLG, we focus on obtaining optimal results with the highest quality representation. Our clients expect and demand nothing less. As a boutique law firm, we don’t have armies and echelons of lawyers, so we focus on the issues that matter and collaborate with our clients and best-in-class service providers to ensure legal spend is allocated smartly. We believe our deep experience, combined with strategic partnerships with some of the best service providers and experts in the nation, allows us to offer clients service and value unparalleled in the industry.

How is our boutique approach different? From hour one, we focus on strategy and implement it in matters of significance. We collaborate with our clients and top experts, and recognize the value of insight from business executives. We also embrace technology and cultivate relationships with the best service providers. When clients call us on a significant matter, we know what needs to be done to get to the documents and facts as quickly as possible – the foundation of meaningful case evaluation. When necessary, we leverage the use of artificial intelligence and/or proven contract attorneys to assist in discovery, and we know who to call at the outset. We deploy case management software as a force multiplier to track key facts, spot trends, and develop case themes. Technology in our practice and experience facilitates the production of quality work product with maximum efficiency, just one part of the value proposition we offer.